Friday, May 23, 2008

PhoneGuys Can! Just Ask Us How! Thank you Brent!


Phoneguys wants to be your phone system dealer. Call us to find out how we can provide and support your phone system needs for small business. We completely back up all our refurbished Norstar phones, Norstar business systems, refurbished Panasonic phones and refurbished Panasonic phone systems.

We can do it for you from hundred-line corporate phone systems to one-line home office phone systems, and anything in-between.

Here is a partial list of our products and services:

Norstar ACD
Norstar alarm codes
Norstar ATA
Norstar ATA2
Norstar audio conferencing unit
Norstar business phones
Norstar call pilot
Norstar caller id
Norstar CICS systems
Norstar Compact DR5
Norstar documentation, including equipment manuals
Norstar doorphone
Norstar DR5
Norstar feature codes
Norstar flash voice mail
Norstar handbooks
Norstar headsets
Norstar help (including our on-line HELP chat)
Norstar ICS
Norstar key systems
Norstar KSU
Norstar m7100 manual
Norstar m7208 manual
Norstar m7310 manual
Norstar m7324 manual
Norstar m7410 manual
Norstar Meridian phones
Norstar Modular ICS
Norstar NAM
Norstar NT5B01 system and manual
Norstar PBX
Norstar phone programming
Norstar Plus Compact ICS
Norstar plus Modular ICS
Norstar RAD
Norstar remote utilities
Norstar SMDR
Norstar software
Norstar startalk
Norstar startalk flash
Norstar systems support (in-house and over the phone)
Norstar training
Norstar user guides
Norstar voice mail managers
Norstar voicemails
Nortel Call Pilot 100, 150
Nortel Meridian PBX

Panasonic refurbished phones and business phone systems

Please, if you can’t find it here call us at 1(800) 322-5443 x 229 Brent

Whether you’re buying phone systems or leasing phone systems trust Phoneguys for your refurbished, wholesale-priced and guaranteed equipment.

We’re and we want to be your business phone dealer.

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