Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Panasonic KX-T7425 Speakerphone Telephone System Set

This will work with MOST Panasonic Digital Business phone systems (KX-TD308,KX-TD816, KX-TD1232)

We have most types of Panasonic KX-TD, KX-TA, KX-T Digital/Analog Business Phone Systems, and Telephones

Digital 24-CO Line Speakerphone

* 24 Programmable line Buttons with Dual Color lED indicators * Jog Dial Control. KDP (ExtraDevice Port) Jack. Automatic Redial * Whisper OHCA. Hands Free, Answer Back. Redial Key. * Speaker Phone Key. Hold Key Flash Key, Auto Answer/mute Key * Auto dia/store key. Message Key. Intercom key * Conference Key * Jog Dial Volume Control (headset, Ring and speakers) * Pause key Forward/do not Disturb (DND) key * program key, Transfer key

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I have TONS of Hard to find Panasonic KX-T, KX-TD, KX-TA, KX-TVS, KX-T7000 Series Items!

Friday, May 23, 2008

PhoneGuys Can! Just Ask Us How! Thank you Brent!


Phoneguys wants to be your phone system dealer. Call us to find out how we can provide and support your phone system needs for small business. We completely back up all our refurbished Norstar phones, Norstar business systems, refurbished Panasonic phones and refurbished Panasonic phone systems.

We can do it for you from hundred-line corporate phone systems to one-line home office phone systems, and anything in-between.

Here is a partial list of our products and services:

Norstar ACD
Norstar alarm codes
Norstar ATA
Norstar ATA2
Norstar audio conferencing unit
Norstar business phones
Norstar call pilot
Norstar caller id
Norstar CICS systems
Norstar Compact DR5
Norstar documentation, including equipment manuals
Norstar doorphone
Norstar DR5
Norstar feature codes
Norstar flash voice mail
Norstar handbooks
Norstar headsets
Norstar help (including our on-line HELP chat)
Norstar ICS
Norstar key systems
Norstar KSU
Norstar m7100 manual
Norstar m7208 manual
Norstar m7310 manual
Norstar m7324 manual
Norstar m7410 manual
Norstar Meridian phones
Norstar Modular ICS
Norstar NAM
Norstar NT5B01 system and manual
Norstar PBX
Norstar phone programming
Norstar Plus Compact ICS
Norstar plus Modular ICS
Norstar RAD
Norstar remote utilities
Norstar SMDR
Norstar software
Norstar startalk
Norstar startalk flash
Norstar systems support (in-house and over the phone)
Norstar training
Norstar user guides
Norstar voice mail managers
Norstar voicemails
Nortel Call Pilot 100, 150
Nortel Meridian PBX

Panasonic refurbished phones and business phone systems

Please, if you can’t find it here call us at 1(800) 322-5443 x 229 Brent

Whether you’re buying phone systems or leasing phone systems trust Phoneguys for your refurbished, wholesale-priced and guaranteed equipment.

We’re www.phoneguys.com and we want to be your business phone dealer.

A Little bit about Phone Guys Business Phone Systems Sellers

Phoneguys was started in 1992 to provide the best phone system for small business and office communications systems available to the business community. As a telecommunications expert, we have the knowledge and capability to serve all your new phone system needs. Nortel Norstar phone systems and Panasonic systems featuring state-of-the-art PBX, flash voice mail, flashtalk, keyphone, starflash, startalk, startalk voice mail, voice mail system, automated attendant, callpilot, and other features have always been available through our Huntington Beach California location.

We believe that Nortel Norstar Communications makes some of the finest phone equipment in the world. It is both feature rich and reliable. Norstar Meridian and Merlin systems account for a large majority of business phone systems in use today and the company continues to expand their innovative style.

Nortel Norstar phone system models include Norstar 0x16 (m0x16), (m12x0), Norstar 0x32, Norstar 3x8, Norstar 616, Norstar 6x16, Norstar 7208 (m7208, t7208), Norstar 7310 (m7310), Norstar 7324 (m7324), Norstar 824, Norstar 8x24 (m8x24), and Nordstar t7406, t7316 wireless systems and desksets.

Panasonic business phones and Panasonic business telephone systems come from the world-reknowned Matsushita Electric which has facilities around the world. We sell Panasonic digital phone systems, Panasonic hybrid phone systems, Panasonic KXTD (kxt, kxta1232, kxta624, kxtd 1232, kxtd1232), with voice mail capabilities, and accessories and add-ons.

Call Brent 800-322-5443 x 229


WANTED: Your Out of Service Business Phone Systems

We are looking for your out of service working business phone systems
Such as Nortel Networks, Norstar, Meridian, Toshiba, ATT, Lucent, Avaya, Northcom, Definity, Panasonic, BCM, IP, Comdial, and many other telephone systems

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Economic Stimulus Business Telephone Phone System Package!

We are a family owned business since 1992 (not like those other guys), and sell, buy, trade and upgrade businesses on their telephone systems, data work, cabling, installs, and many more!

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Below is our Economic Stimulus Business Telephone Phone System Package:

One 3,4,5 to 6 Line Business Nortel-Norstar Phone System
One M7310 Executive Display Speakerphone, Black/Grey/Ash Color choices.
Five M7208 Staff Display Speakerphones, Black/Grey/Ash Color choices.

$810.00 plus tax (equipment only)

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Is your phone system working for you?

....or against you?

We can configure most sizes and makes for you and your company!

We offer free business phone system advice, and can solve your telephone system problems!

We install/lease/repair phone systems... upgrade to VOIP?...we can do it!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Business Phone System Sale, Small Used/New Phone Systems

We are a family owned business since 1992, and sell,buy,trade, upgrade businesses on their phone systems, data work, cabling, installs, and many more!

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714-843-9999 X 229, ask for Brent

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17875 Metzler Lane, Huntington beach, 92647

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